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Finally, I am starting a newsletter! Presenting .... *drumroll*

Finally, I am starting a newsletter! Presenting .... *drumroll*
By Meghna Bhave • Issue #1 • View online

Welcome to the community! This is super exciting to me. I have a lot to share, and not all of it finds its place in the articles I write.
So why Off-by-One? Well in the world of programming, Off-by-One is a common error, where a loop executes one time too many (or too less) due to a boundary condition. Usually, an easy adjustment of the condition fixes the bug.
This newsletter is for those off-by-one errors in our lives. Easy adjustments, slight shifts in perceptions, and micro-improvements that make life better. I’d like to share stories from tech, productivity, and life that resonated with me, and what I picked from them that made life all the nicer.
❤️ Favourites this Month
Frank Chimero · What Screens Want
You Need to Practice Being Your Future Self
Life Is Not a Fairytale. It’s Better. | by B. Morey Stockwell, PhD | The Writing Cooperative
✍🏻 This Month's Posts
Ditch Time Blocking, Use This Instead | by Meghna Bhave | ILLUMINATION’S MIRROR | Medium
3 Tips To Manage Technical Debt as a Software Engineer | by Meghna Bhave | Better Programming
💭 Quote to Live By
“It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations if you live near one.”
– J.R.R. Tolkien.
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