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Git Branches and Relationships

Git Branches and Relationships
By Meghna Bhave • Issue #2 • View online

Hello there!
While I have many old friends still very close to me, I realized in the throws of the second wave that I have grown apart from many of them. It is very difficult to get back the vibe that you once had with a person. When you meet them, it is kind of like meeting a past version of yourself as well.
I think two people in a relationship are like git branches in a repository. You keep diverging from master, until you hit a point where you gotto resolve your merge conflicts. If not, you’ll keep running your separate ways.
There’s compromise in cherry picking the parts of your branch and your partners. There is the feeling of “We have become the same person, something needs to change” and you start to diverge again.
All in all, unless you are regularly raising pull requests with each other and communicating, it’s going to diverge to a point where you’d rather make one of the branches as a separate repository (and break up).
Maybe that’s what happened with me and some of the people in my life, maybe it’s not. All I know for sure is, this analogy is superb.
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